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I’ve been a fan of Cradle for some time now but it wasn’t until recently that we’ve gotten connected.  As I’m sure you guys have noticed, my taste in jewelry has become a little more minimal.  Maybe it’s me getting on this trend or maybe I’m becoming a woman.  Who knows, but I’m excited to explore this.  Anyway, I really really really think what Sonia of Cradle has been producing is crazy edgy and very forward thinking. So sit back and enjoy.

Here’s her story…


Forever inspired by her late father’s creative endeavors as a painter, dancer and musician,  Sonia used her creative outlet through the fashion industry.  Originally from Berkeley she moved to NYC to pursue fashion, while still selling and honing in on her jewelry technique on the side.  She was spending so much of her free time focusing on jewelry that she decided to take the plunge and work on her brand full time.  Sonia launched Cradle earlier this year after moving to Portland.


Sonia creates pieces that are minimal and strong yet timeless, all the while challenging the concept of fast fashion.


“I usually make terrible sketches first that no one can understand but me. After several months worth of sketches I then narrow it down to form a collection. My favorite part is definitely doing the wax carvings, it’s incredibly therapeutic. “


All of her designs are created with brass or sterling silver.




CRADLE Lookbook 11


CRADLE Lookbook 2

daphne necklace. enlil cuff.

CRADLE Lookbook 5



Find all of Sonia’s pieces on Cradle’s website. Look at the Stockists section to find a store near you.  AND don’t forget to follow @cradlejewelry on instagram and all other social media outlets!



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