a handmade life: lustered walnut


If any of you follow my instagram account you know I’m always at some kind of something happening somewhere.  I put a lot of energy into visiting craft fairs and markets so that I can find the best of the best designers to feature on here.  Which doesn’t always prove to regulate my post-schedule, that along with insane procrastination and a busy schedule lead to my lack of keeping up with this.  Anyway while attending these events I don’t just put the blinders up to the brands that are not jewelry and accessories.  I’m ever inspired by all hand craft and think it all needs exposure.  So here we are, ringing in my first ‘a handmade life’ post with the amazing Lustered Walnut.  Glad to be back on the posting wagon by sharing their brand.

Here’s their story…


Robert and Marie met while they were studying at Detroit’s Cranbrook Academy of Art.  Marie is a ceramicist and a painter while Robert is a designer and woodworker.  They married their talents to create Lustered Walnut, a home wares brand that offers sophisticated whimsical ceramics and wood workings.  After welcoming their son, Oliver, in the summer of 2013, Robert and Marie launched Lustered Walnut in the fall.


Like most designers getting their hands into the material is where inspiration strikes.  Sometimes they start with drawings but that quickly turns into prototyping.  They produce everything in-house in their 100% solar powered studio from start to finish.


“Lustered Walnut is a line of functional products that brings art into everyday experience. We believe in producing high quality objects that are responsibly made.”


The clay used in their goods are made with a mixture of raw materials that they source on the West Coast.  The wooden products are made from reclaimed, local, and/or sustainably  harvested walnut, white oak and other hard woods.


download (1)

banana mug. ||crowd favorite||




mine and yours tumblers.


stirring spoon.


mini bathtub.


 Check out Lustered Walnut on etsy or see their work at Treehaus and the Gallery of Functional Art.  Don’t forget to follow them on instagram and twitter and all the things!



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